lua-nucleo: a random collection of core and utility level Lua libraries


lua-nucleo.algorithm Various common algorithms
lua-nucleo.args Utils that deal with function arguments
lua-nucleo.assert Enhanced assertions
lua-nucleo.checker Complex validation helper
lua-nucleo.code.exports Generated exports map for lua-nucleo/
lua-nucleo.code.foreign-global.lua5_1 List of globals defined in Lua 5.1.4
lua-nucleo.code.foreign-global.luajit2 List of globals defined in LuaJIT 2 beta 9
lua-nucleo.code.globals List of globals defined in lua-nucleo
lua-nucleo.code.profile Lua-nucleo exports profile
lua-nucleo.coro Coroutine module extensions
lua-nucleo.deque Double-ended queue wrapper
lua-nucleo.ensure Tools to ensure correct code behaviour
lua-nucleo.factory Factory related functions
lua-nucleo.functional (pseudo-)functional stuff
lua-nucleo.import Minimalistic Lua submodule system
lua-nucleo.import_as_require Minimalistic Lua submodule system using require
lua-nucleo.language Lua language data
lua-nucleo.log Logging system
lua-nucleo.math Math-related utilities
lua-nucleo.misc Various useful stuff
lua-nucleo.module Lua-nucleo module bootstrapper
lua-nucleo.ordered_named_cat_manager Ordered named cat manager
lua-nucleo.pcall Part of coro.lua -- coroutine module extensions
lua-nucleo.prettifier Creates prettifier object for pretty-printing lua tables
lua-nucleo.priority_queue Queue of objects sorted by priority
lua-nucleo.random Utilities for random generation
lua-nucleo.require_and_declare Wrapper around require() that declare()s module names
lua-nucleo.sandbox Sandbox-related stuff
lua-nucleo.scoped_cat_tree_manager Scoped cat tree manager
lua-nucleo.stack_with_factory Stack manager creating new objects with factory
lua-nucleo.strict Global environment protection
lua-nucleo.string String-related tools
lua-nucleo.suite A simple test suite
lua-nucleo.table Proxy file for various utilities for managing lua tables
lua-nucleo.table-utils Small table utilities
lua-nucleo.tdeepequals Test arbitrary lua tables for equality.
lua-nucleo.times_queue Queue of objects sorted by time
lua-nucleo.timestamp Timestamp-related utilities
lua-nucleo.tpretty Pretty visualization of non-recursive tables.
lua-nucleo.tserialize Serialize arbitrary Lua data to Lua code
lua-nucleo.tstr Visualization of non-recursive tables.
lua-nucleo.type Lua type manipulation
lua-nucleo.typeassert Lua type assertions
lua-nucleo.util.anim.interpolator Animation interpolators
test.test-lib.generate-test-list Generates list of test files to be run
test.test-lib.import Generates list of test files to be run Test initialization file Test initialization file
test.test-lib.init.strict Test initialization file
test.test-lib.table Various utilities for managing lua tables - used in tests
test.test-lib.tdeepequals-test-utils Utility functions for testing tdeepequals
test.test-lib.tserialize-test-utils Utility functions for tserialize testing
test.test-lib.value-generators Lua value generators for tests
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